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About Data Lists

Data Lists deliver high quality b2b contact data for technology companies.
We specialise in delivering a pipeline of quality prospects, so that our clients can close more business, more efficiently, faster.

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At Data Lists we concentrate on supplying high quality, accurate, up to date prospecting data. We research, cleanse and produce the right data solution that delivers results. You can buy data in ready made packages from our site or contact us for bespoke data lists.

As an owner of B2B contacts our data is supplied with a lifetime unlimited usage licence for direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns. We guarantee that all of our emails come complete with 100% deliverability.strong>

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How We Can Help

Using our global database of nine million executives located at 80,000 businesses globally, our team of data experts will work with you to find the contacts which match your demographics in the following areas:


Senior IT Contacts from Worldwide Enterprise Accounts

eg IT Director, Head of IT, CIO, IT Manager.


Senior Marketing Contacts from Worldwide Enterprise Accounts

eg Marketing Director, Head of Marketing, CMO, Marketing Manager.


Senior HR Contacts from Worldwide Enteprise Accounts

eg HR Director, Head of HR, HR Manager.


Senior Contacts in Sales, Finance and more from Worldwide Enteprise Accounts

eg CFO, Finance Manager, Sales Director etc.

100% Email Deliverability Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We are so confident in our data that we offer a 100% email deliverability guarantee.

By combining our global team of skilled professionals, qualified data, and our proven methodology Data Lists provide world class prospecting lists for over 300 technology vendors.

Data Lists will help you identify your true target audience. We examine your existing client database to determine the industries, company size and geographical locations that define your target audience. We use the results to evaluate the strength of your existing database and determine which targets need to be appended to your prospecting database.

If there is a portion of your target market that is not represented within your prospecting database, Data Lists will provide, develop or append the missing data. Our team can then enhance this data by conducting a calling campaign in which we identify the key decision-makers responsible for purchasing your products or services. This establishes a dynamic prospecting database which will enhance future sales and marketing activities.

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For any enquiries about your b2b data requirements, please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated staff will tend to all your needs.